August 13, 2016

About ME

Hi My name is Maryna Marston.

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Self portrait by Maryna Marston (fine art photography)


I am an Austin Based Wedding and Commercial Photographer.

I was born in Ukraine into a half Greek and half Ukrainian family. I have been happily married to a brit for over a decade and am currently enjoying my life in Austin, Texas. I love God and feel very blessed to be able to do what I love!

After finishing 2 year, both Photography Programs at ACC, I knew that photography would be more than just a passion! My Commercial Photography Business is called Square Earth Studio that specializes in Fashion and Product photography and Executive Portraits. My work has been published in Italian Vogue, CNBC, Zink Magazine, Created Woman Magazine and more.

Since photography school I was always in love with Fashion Photography and never thought that the fate would bring me to shoot Weddings.

A few years back my friend asked me to second shoot at a wedding. I was reluctant at first but overall eager to help her. I took on a challenge and was absolutely amazed as to how much I enjoyed it! The bride was absolutely gorgeous, all the family and friends were so happy and joyful, I even teared up once or twice during the speeches.
I was overwhelmed by the love and happiness that engulfed the whole event and thought to myself that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

My photography style is mixture of candid shots, traditional, and some with a twist of fashion. Every little detail and every small moment matters: the laughs, the tears, the hugs, the smiles, emotions and everything in between! I want to document your love story that you can cherish and enjoy for years to come!

When I am not shooting weddings on week-end and commercial photos during the week I love to travel and capture every city I visit with timeless imaginary.


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{ 2SweetHearts is an Austin based photography company run by Maryna Marston with Square Earth Studio ( Photography for Austin and surrounding areas, destinations weddings and more! }