The wedding is over?  Opened all your presents?  Got back from the honeymoon?  Now you’re sat waiting for photos so you can remember the most expensive event in your life.  Your wedding.  It was all a blur on the day, you’d really like to see how everyone else experienced it.  Today many people skip the wedding album and elect to go for digital photos only, then share them on social media etc.  But if you forget about the wedding album you’d really be missing out:

1. It’s the Tradition

There’s a reason why people have done wedding albums for such a long time.  There’s something physical and almost magical about a wedding album because it is different to the other thousand photos you already shared on Facebook.  Your mother got one, your grandmothers got them – they have been around almost as long as the camera itself.  Holding the album in your hands, flipping over the pages, following the story of the day – it will be a source of happiness for years to come.

2. It’s a Party

You’re back, the wedding is a haze.  Light some candles, find that nice bottle of wine you bought, and snuggle on the couch to look through the wedding album with your new spouse.  Couple with a nice dinner, romantic music and if necessary a babysitter.  Relive the wedding through the eyes of a bystander, see the interactions of your guests that you missed on the day.  Taking the time to do it together – priceless.

3. It’s Timeless

It doesn’t crash, it doesn’t melt, and it doesn’t have a hard drive.  Who knows the password for that cloud account, what happens if some hacker steals the account and you can’t regain control, who knows whether CDs or DVDs will be in use 20 years from now.  All reasons why a wedding album tends to survive the as a legacy in a way that technology may not.  For years to come you will be able to go back to that wedding album and remember that time.  If you have or plan on having kids, they will be able to look through it too.  Having friends over?  What woman refuses to look through a wedding album.  You wedding lasts just a day, your honeymoon probably 2 weeks, but your wedding album lasts forever.

4. It’s Easy

Wedding albums are not that hard, and typically your wedding photographer has optimized the workflow on giving you an awesome outcome you can be proud of.  Your photographer can shortlist photos, arrange them around a story of the day, and present them to you in a single meeting.  Questions about size, order, and the look and feel of the album will all get decided quickly with your photographer as your guide.

5. It’s Worth it

The cost of a wedding album is typically around 2% to 3% of the cost of the wedding.  In this context, why would you skip it?  If you don’t do it with the photographer shortly after the wedding, studies show that you are very unlikely to get round to it at all, and a printed book you built yourself on a website is not going to match the professionalism of a photographer where this is their passion.


At my own wedding I have invested into an album and have never regretted it. However, I did regret not buying out the film that photographer shot on, because we have spent too much on a wedding itself. Honestly, some of the co-workers and people that we have invited at the time we have not seen over 10 years and it will likely be another 10, if ever, that we might reconnect with them.

You know you splurged on the wedding, and probably the honeymoon (let’s hope so).

You’ve spent months planning your beautiful day.  It was amazing.  So ensure it is captured in an album that reflects the joy and importance of the bond that you and your spouse have committed yourselves to.  You could just order one for yourself, or you could order multiple copies or variants for your family – it’s a timeless gift especially for the parents who spent years growing you to this point. You won’t regret having it, you will likely regret skipping on it. Those who took the time and spent the money to create a wedding album are always happy that they did. It will be safely preserve your memories for many years to come.

We offer high end one-piece wrap around albums. Prints are mounted flush, giving it a streamlined, modern look.


Album size: 12 by 12

Pages: 30 (15 spreads)

Price: $800  + Tax  ( if ordered before the wedding date )

             $1000 + Tax  ( if ordered after the wedding ).

You can add Debossing or Foil Stamping in Matte Gold or Matte Silver:

( up to 3 lines of text; lower center of cover only).

For your Leather or Linen Album Cover choose from a variety of black, white or gray colors.


You can choose to place 1-8 images per page, or use one whole image per spread. All albums are lay flat.


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